My Story

My Personal Side

·         I am celebrating my 35th year of marriage

·         I have two great girls who are away at post secondary school.

·         I have worked in the health profession for 10 years and once I had my children I did child care in my home.

·         I now work with my husband who is an architect.

·         We live in the country with a great view of the lake and we love it, we use to be urbanites for 25 years.

·         I love to laugh and enjoy a very active social life with a great group of friends.

My Professional Side

·         I have an arts degree in Psychology/Sociology.

·         I have a diploma from the Civic Hospital in Ottawa.

·         I have worked in a Pharmacy in the Home Health Care division as well as the Pharmacy.

·         I have sat on numerous committees in my community.

·         I was involved in Parent Council throughout my children's years in the education system.

My Passionate Side

·         I am passionate about my family

·         I am passionate about my friends

·         I am passionate about my free time

·         I am passionate about camping

·         I am passionate about being real

·         I am passionate about being the best I can be